Jeeping in Moab

We did the Easter Jeep Safari this year. It was the experience of a lifetime. Patty made me sign up for level 5 & 6 trails (I wanted level 7). Let me tell you, the runs that we did were at the absolute limit of my ability! Our trails had catchy names like "Hell's Revenge", "Wipeout Hill", "Turnover Challenge", "Poison Spider", etc.

Patty got some good photos but, alas, none of our jeep (see Patty's Moab pictures).

Moab slickrock has higher and steeper steps to climb. I was OK with any of the ascents/descents as long as we had a spotter (necessary because all you can see is sky out of the windshield). The fins on Hell's Revenge were another matter entirely. Like all Browns I'm not comfortable being on the edge. After years of hiking I've learned to trust my feet and tolerate it (as long as I don't look down). Driving straight up a fin that is narrower than your car, with your wheels straddling the hump and a significant drop on both sides, is the scariest thing I've ever done! Even worse was when we went straight up the side and made a 90 degree turn onto the fin. If you turn too soon or too sharp you'll tumble down the side you came up; if you turn too late or not sharp enough you'll tumble down the other side. And remember, the climb is so steep and the fin is so narrow that all you can see out of the windshield is sky! There were no spotters on that whole run; it was 6 hours of one big obstacle!